Monday, December 20, 2010

Body Facts

  1. There is enough iron in the human body to make one small nail.
  2. An average human drinks about 16,000 gallons of water in a lifetime.
  3. Every person has a unique tongue print.
  4. Your brain continues to send out electrical wave signals approximately 37 hours after death.
  5. The nervous system transmits messages to the brain at speeds of 180 miles per hour.
  6. The human nose can remember 50,000 different smells.
  7. The human eye can detect more than 10,000,000 different colors.
  8. Your brain stops growing when you are about 15 years old.
  9. The eye muscle is the fastest reacting muscle of the whole body. It contracts in less than 1/100th of a second.
  10.  It takes approximately 200,000 frowns to create one permanent brow line.
  11.  80% of the brain is composed of water.
  12. Your brain operates on 10 watts of power. 
  13. Women smell better than men.
  14. Your hearing decreases when overheated.
  15. Your teeth are growing before birth.
  16. Babies always have blue eyes when they are born.
  17. Throughout your life, the amount of saliva you have could fill two swimming pools.
  18. You probably pass gas 14 times a day.
  19. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile.
  20. Your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body.


  1. i can answer all of those questions and very interesting facts.

  2. I like this :) Good job Zenith! What are you going to post on your blog? Random facts or...?

  3. I found this very interesting. Thank you for this insightful information young man.



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