Monday, December 20, 2010

Interesting Questions

What is brain juice?
What does brain run on? 
How does brain control your body? 
Nerve cells send signals to brain, allowing brain to take control over it.
What are white matters? 
Part of brain that contains myelinated nerve fibers.

What are brain tumors? 
Mass of abnormal cells the brain.
What do you mean by brain freeze?
Cranial pain or heached caused by cold beverages or ice-cream.

          Why do we suffer from headaches?
When one eats something very cold, our body senses it directs to serve blood in that particular place. While doing so, blood in the blood vessel flow at a huge speed and results in contraction and expansion of blood vessel. Therefore, we have headache.
Which part of the brain controls the temperature? 
How many lobes are there in a human brain? 

What are the functions of cranial nerves? 
Bring information from the sense organs to the brain, control muscles(all).
How many cranial nerves are there in a human body? 
Why don't we feel hot at a body temperature of 98.6 F, while we feel suffocated when it is 90 outside? 
We are used to the heat.
What sphincter prevents heart burn?
Cardiac Sphincter
Where does the major digestion take place? 
Small Intestine
What enzyme breaks down Carbohydrate? 
What is the hardest bone in a human body?


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